The Season of Giving: Project New Roots

Our mission at LOU CBD is to help others achieve their greatest potential. Our creed is not a catchy marketing scheme, it is truly the core of our  personal values and belief system. We believe that by focusing on the four pillars of health – nutrition, exercise, rest, and relaxation – one can unlock the door to success and wellbeing.

It is a sad reality that many people do not have access to proper nutrition. Access to grocery stores with nutritious, organic produce is not a reality for many Americans living in both urban and rural areas.

LOU CBD donates 5% of all profits to a fantastic non-profit called New Roots.

New Roots’ mission statement is one that we believe everyone should embrace:

“Just like air and water, everyone has a right to fresh food. New Roots ignites community power for fresh food access.”

New Roots uses donations to pay farmers upfront to grow organic produce before the planting season. In turn, these farmers bring fresh produce to Fresh Stop Markets in food desert areas where patrons can purchase food at an affordable price close to home where their food resources are scarce.

For the month of December, we want to go above and beyond our standard donation of 5%. For every product our customers purchase, we will donate an extra $5.00 to New Roots as well as give a $5.00 coupon to our customers for future purchases. Customers will also be entered into a drawing in which one customer will be selected to receive a package containing all of our products.

Every $250.00 donated to New Roots helps one family get fresh produce for an entire season.

My brother and I grew up selling fresh produce that we farmed in our hometown of Owensboro, KY. It was a time in our hometown when farmers’ markets were truly many peoples’ only access to high quality produce, as grocery stores had a limited supply of fresh produce and most families subsisted on fast food and most of our vegetables came from a can.

We have seen firsthand the positive impact that farmers markets can have on our communities. Our past experiences led us to this long term partnership with New Roots as our dedicated philanthropy.

Please help us further our goals of helping others achieving their greatest potential. Your purchase can help us and New Roots further our mission and make 2019 a life changing year for families living in food deserts.